No Touch soap and sanitizer - 800 ml


- ref. 0750-022

Initially created for highly demanding fields such as healthcare and food processing facilities,, AutoSoap is now simply recommended to those who need or want a perfect hand hygiene.

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Technical Details


  • Easy to refill and quick to service
  • Quality materials = long-lasting, reliable dispenser
  • Vertical window allows a quick check of the soap lev el
  • Anti-theft, lock system with a custom key
  • Automatic distribution of the soap for a perfect hygiene 


Economy and ecology

  • Built from more than 30% recycled materials
  • « ClipNgo » system: only the used or defective parts are changed during the service
  • Mechanism built to ensure low battery consumption

Works with 3 C (LR14) batteries for up to 15’000 doses

Available in white or silver metallic

H : 270 mm W: 110 mm D : 115 mm

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Hygiene and Health, our top priorities

Our systems work mainly with their own airtight cartridges. Therefore, the soap doesn’t come in contact with the dispenser or with the air to avoid risk of cross-contamination and to improve hygiene conditions. The cartridge system, unlike the refillable system, ensures full traceability.