Soap with refillable cartridges – 500 & 1200 ml


- ref. 0500-001

Dispenser can be refilled with any type of liquid soap.

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Technical Details


  • Quality materials = long-lasting, reliable dispenser
  • Vertical window allows quick chek of the soap level.
  • Anti-theft, lock system with a custom key
  • Push lever instead of pull lever so the dispenser stays fixed to the wall


Economy and ecology

  • Built from more than 30% recycled materials
  • The dispenser is delivered with a refillable container

Available in white

H : 245 mm W : 84 mm D : 82 mm for Ecodis 500

H : 265 mm W : 115 mm D : 102 mm for Ecodis 1200

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Hygiene and Health, our top priorities

Our systems work mainly with their own airtight cartridges. Therefore, the soap doesn’t come in contact with the dispenser or with the air to avoid risk of cross-contamination and to improve hygiene conditions.  Ecodis is an exception, created on some customers’ request as they were more preoccupied by their restricted budget than proper hygiene. If you go for this basic solution you must be very careful with potential dangers such as vandalism or even worth, with cross-contamination (due, for example, to different soap layers with no possible traceability). To reduce this risk wash very carefully and precisely the cartridge and the pump with very hot water between refills.