NoTouch paper roll


- ref. 6070-010

Enjoy the highest level of comfort and hygiene thanks to the no touch  sensor technology.  .

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Technical Details


  • 2 smart switch functions: 1 enables you to program the size of the hand towel delivered: 200, 240, 280 or 320 mm and 1 gives you the opportunity to switch from
    •  the SenseNdry function - the handtowel is not visible. It is delivered when you put your hand in front of the sensor 
    • the TearNdry function: a new handtowel is delivered with a 2-second delay each time you tear off the paper
  • both methods help to reduce  paper consumption.
  • Compatible with several paper qualities
  • Vertical window allows a quick check of the remaining paper
  • Anti-theft, lock system with a custom key


Economy and ecology

  • Up to 50% savings against the C folded paper towels
  • ClipNgo = only the used or defective parts can be changed
  • Built from more than 30% recycled materials
  • 4 LR 20 alkaline batteries are sufficient for approx. 60 paper rolls

Available in white or silver metallic

4 LR20 alkaline batteries = approx. 60 rolls

H: 375 mm W: 340 mm D: 230 mm

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Hygiene and Heath, our top priorities

Hygiene is key for us as it is the source of good health and wellbeing. It is one of the reasons we will not compromise by proposing gadget alternatives to paper. Using paper is the only way to dry your hands according to the World Health Organization and it is compulsory in hospitals, professional kitchens etc. It is also the only drying method sold by Hyprom. The vast majority of our papers is Ecolabel, comes from sustainably managed forests and is manufactured in France and Italy by certified companies, in compliance with European standards.