No Touch seat sanitizer - 400 ml

CleanYourSeat No Touch

 Nobody likes to touch anyting fixed on a toilet wall. No Touch, this simple though unique dispenser garantees the highest level of hygiene.

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Technical Details

  • Smallest NoTouch seat sanitizer on the market
  • Automatic dispensing of the sanitizing foam
  • Long lasting reliable dispenser
  • Antitheft lock system


Economy and ecology

  • Foam is efficient and economical in use
  • Unlike the liquid spray, the foam is visible on the paper so people use less
  • Low battery consumption 
  • Built from more than 30% recycled materials
  • « ClipNgo » system: only the used or defective parts are changed during the service
  • 400 ml = 1200 portions approx.
  • Anti-drip, dosing, washable and reusable pump
  • Mechanism built to ensure low battery consumption

Works with 4 AA (LR6) batteries for 10’000 doses

Available in white, silver metallic or black

H: 228 mm W: 90 mm D :100 mm


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Hygiene and Health, our top priorities

The good old saying, which is still true today, is not to cut down on quality or to limit the equipment used in toilets – but on the contrary – install professional equipment and most importantly intelligent systems.  A thick paper may be a little more expensive when buying, but dramatically limits consumption. A system such as JumboTwin Mini allows you to make big savings relating to the well-known theft of toilet rolls. The CleanYourSeat helps you to maintain the cleanliness of your toilets.  There are solutions to all your problems.  Let yourself be guided by our consultants.