Sanitary bin for used pads & tampons


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Technical Details

Premium Line INFINITE

  • Exclusive design
  • Elegant curves
  • Maximum ecology & durability
  • Robustness
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Infinite recycling



  • Mechanical cut dispensing of a 23 cm towel
  • Soft mechanism
  • Exclusive anti-waste device allowing to use the end of the roll
  • Economical system: up to 35% savings vs. folded towels and up to 70% vs. textile roll

Stainless steel 1.4301 thick brushed (1mm)

H : 442 mm W :  252 mm D : 129 mm

Anti-fingerprint coating

Made in Germany

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Hygiene, Health and mother earth in mind

The professional recycling of used towels and tampons is a subject to be taken very seriously for public health but also for the environment. Failure to equip women's toilets with professional waste collection systems encourages them to be flushed down the toilet, as this may clog the pipes, contaminate the water and also the next user or the person doing the cleaning. Indeed, any source of blood can carry powerful and stable viruses. You who sort PET, parper, oils, aluminium... don't you think it's also time to sort used towels and tampons in separate containers?