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Hygiene and Health, our top priorities

The good old saying, which is still true today, is not to cut down on quality or to limit the equipment used in toilets – but on the contrary – install professional equipment and most importantly intelligent systems.  A thick paper may be a little more expensive when buying, but dramatically limits consumption. A system such as JumboTwin Mini allows you to make big savings relating to the well-known theft of toilet rolls. The CleanYourSeat helps you to maintain the cleanliness of your toilets. There are solutions to all your problems.  Let yourself be guided by our consultants.

Toilet seat with integrated waterproof sleeve

SaniSeat Auto

- ref. 4000-010

A toilet seat always clean by pressing a button. 100% of the users are convinced and won’t change for another system.


  • Press the button and get a fresh waterproof sleeve portion
  • Each used portion rolls up in a separated chamber
  • Roll easy and quick to change
  • Compatible with most toilet bowl
  • Vertical window to check the remaining sleeves


Economy & Ecology

  • Toilet paper consumption is dramatically reduced --> 30% at least
  • Clean toilet seat without using chemicals
  • Only 1 portion per use thanks to the end, settup black mark

    4 LR20 batteries for a 12-month usage

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