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Hygiene and Health, our top priorities

Our systems work mainly with their own airtight cartridges. Therefore, the liquid doesn’t come in contact with the dispenser or with the air to avoid risk of cross-contamination and to improve hygiene conditions. The cartridge system, unlike the refillable system, ensures full traceability.


Toilet seat sanitizing foam - 400 ml


- ref. 0420-401

Removes 99,999% of bacteria on the toilet seat

  • Proven microbiological efficiency
  • Bactericide, fongicide & virucide (more details on the SDS). Approved by FOPH & EU legislation
  • Generous foam,  easy to spread


Economy & Ecology

  • 400 ml = more than 800 portions 
  • The foam, unlike liquid sanitizer is visible on the paper = less consumption
  • Antidrop and pre-dosed pump = less consumption
  • Washable and reusable pump = less waste
  • The empty cartridge can be disposed of with normal household trash


Use biocides with care. Before use, read the label and product information.

    Polyethylene cartridge - 400 ml - single usage

    Washable and re-usable pump

    Hygienic toilet seat washing protocol: take 2 toilet paper coupons, place them under the CYS dispenser, push the button to get 1 portion, spread it on the seat, let dry then seat with confidence.
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