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Hygiene and health is our core priority.

The cartridge system, unique to refillable systems, allows for hygiene, health and sustainability at the forefront of our priorities.

All-in-one creamy soap

mySpa Refill

- ref. 0350-100

Created with ecology and economy in mind to replace small gel & shampoo bottles in hotels room, mySpa is also appreciated in spa, fitness, homes....


  • Nice blue color
  • Leaves the skin soft and lightly perfumed thanks to the superfatting agents.
  • Good skin tolerance


Economy & ecology

  • Anti-drip, dosing pump for a fair consumption
  • Hygiene +: the pump is integrated to the cartridge so it is perfectly airtight
  • a unique cartridge for all usage: hand, body, hair
  • 1 cartridge = 60 small bottles = up to 80% economy = up to 80% less waste
  • The flexible cartridge coupled with our mySpa ingenious mechanism empties to the last drop
  • Once empty the cartridge is a small waste which can be disposed of with the other wastes or can be recycled.

    Single usage polyethylene cartridge - 350 ml

    Single usage, integrated pump

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