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Hygiene and Heath, our top priorities

The cartridge system, unlike the refillable system, ensures full traceability.

Foam soap - 400 ml & 1000 ml


- FoamNwash

A transparent lotion, delicately and nicely fragranced, transformed into a compact and unctuous foam thanks to the foam pump.

  • Hypoallergenic, FoamNwash can be used frequently even on sensitive skin.
  • Airy, unctuous white foam
  • Leaves the skin soft thanks to the plant origin of the softening agents


Economy & ecology

  • 400 ml = more than 800 portions ; 1000 ml = more than 2000 portions approx.
  • Anti-drip, dosing pump for a fair consumption
  • Ecology&Economy + for the 400 ml:  the pump is washable and reusable on a new cartridge
  • Hygiene + for the 1000 ml : the pump is integrated to the cartridge so it is perfectly airtight
  • The flexible cartridge empties to the last drop
  • Once empty the cartridge can be disposed of as normal trash

Single usage polyethylene cartridge - 400 ml or 1000 ml

Washable and reusable pump on the 400 ml & integrated on the 1000 ml

Hygienic hand washing protocol – 40 to 60 sec.: wet your hands, take 1 or 2 foam soap dose(s) - rub your fingers, your plams, above the hands, wrist, interdigital spaces, nails during 20 to 30 seconds. Rinse off with warm water. Dry carefully with a single usage paper towel (drying method recommended by WHO), close the tap with it and use it also to open the door.
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