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Hygiene and health is our core priority.

The cartridge system, unique to refillable systems, allows for hygiene, health and sustainability at the forefront of our priorities.

Often neglected and yet certainly our most primary sense « smell », most evocative, has the power to take us back to childhood, to create a mood, to take us on a journey, to appease us or just simply to comfort us in a sensation and semblance of cleanliness.  For all these reasons, we have been working for more than 30 years, with leading names in perfume creation in Switzerland as in France.  With now more than 30 fragrances to choose from, in the form of gel, natural fibres, band form, sprays or in Piezo technology.  Hyprom is a key player when it comes to an olfactory atmosphere.

Fragrance dispenser for living places – No propellant gas

BLO2 Life Innovation

- ref. 2600-010

Created and patented in Europe by Hyprom, this revolutionary way to create an olfactory ambiance will completely BLO2 your mind! It is born form 10 years of R&D and real testing conditions to our direct customers in Switzerland.  Today, there is no such tested & improved technology as BLO2 / BLO2 Life




  • Revolutionary, patented technology with no propellant gas and low VOC
  • A light mist that stays airborne instead of falling like aerosols particles would do
  • More efficient than aerosols without side effects
  • Fragrances designed and formulated by major names in the industry for a delicate olfactory experience
  • Anti-theft & anti-vandalism system


Economy and ecology

  • One unit is enough to cover up to 120 m3
  • One refill is enough for up to 4 months
  • No propellant gas, low/no added VOC
  • Personalized programming
  • Packaging made with recyclable plastic – easy to dispose of and better for the environment in mind
  • Low battery consumption
  • Built from more than 30%* recycled materials
  • « ClipNgo » system: only the used or defective parts are changed during the service


*percentage depends on the color

Resistant and durable ABS plastic construction

Available in white/silver metallic band or black/silver metallic band

H : 185 mm W : 90 mm D : 62 mm

5 available fragrance: BLO2 LifeRefills  

Discover BLO2  to cover bad smells

Works with 3 LR6 alkaline batteries

All-inclusive service included


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